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In finding me and The Time To Shine Hypnotherapy Clinic, you have already taken your first steps on the path to self-improvement and a more joyful, satisfying life.


If you work with me as your Therapist, together we can make the changes you truly want to achieve in your life.


Those changes may be to resolve the self-limiting beliefs, fears, emotions and behaviours that have been holding you back and preventing you from flourishing.


We will work together to overcome any difficulty or issue in order to help you achieve your goals, become the person you want to be, deal with the outside pressures of life more effectively and ultimately to live the more joyful  life you truly want for yourself.


Throughout the therapeutic process, you will remain in control and fully aware of everything.  Through employing deep relaxation techniques, we will enable your subconscious mind to resolve those issues currently holding you back.  The process facilitates replacing the negative with the positive emotions, beliefs and behaviours which can enable you to move forward with your life.


Together, we can increase your feelings of joy, positivity, inner peace, radiance, confidence and wellbeing.


You can become the person you truly want to be; within your relationships, professionally and most importantly, for yourself!

You can become the best version of yourself, achieve your goals and release your inner beauty and joy.


- Caroline Forward, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Welcome to The Time To Shine Hypnotherapy Clinic



Using the relaxation techniques of Hypnotherapy, and a little guided meditation, you will relax deeply and just allow your subconscious to open up and do its wonderful healing work.

Using the therapeutic intervention techniques of Clinical Hypnotherapy, we will work together to facilitate the resolution of old negative issues, behaviours, habits, beliefs and emotions. These proven techniques can help resolve what may be holding you back and keeping you ‘stuck’, rather than developing positively and moving forward in your life.


Together, you and I will work as a team to change and resolve the beliefs and emotions driving unwanted behaviours based around:

All you need to do is to truly want to make positive change in your life. 

Then just relax and allow me to facilitate the change you want, and together, achieve the results you desire.



Will I be in control during my Hypnotherapy session?

You remain in control throughout your therapy session and fully aware of what is happening, what is being said or what is being agreed.


Will I have the power to decide the positive changes that I want to make?
Yes - the changes you decide to make are up to you. I will facilitate and guide you through this process

Will there always be a result after therapy?

Hypnotherapy is very effective in most cases, but positive change will only occur if you agree to it and truly want it to happen.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy is simply a way of enabling a deep form of relaxation to take place.  This relaxed state allows the ‘healing’ subconscious mind to come to the forefront, helping us to resolve the issues that are affecting our lives negatively.

Hypnotherapy allows a ‘letting go’, or a ‘re-organising’ of old subconscious negative beliefs and emotions, in turn enabling positive beliefs and emotions to enter in their place. This facilitates healthy positive change to occur in your life.

Will I be able to come out of the Hypnotic state myself?

You can come out of the hypnotic relaxed state yourself and at any time during the process.  Although it is such a pleasant and relaxing experience that it is unlikely you would want the process to come to an end before the therapy has finished, and your Therapist gently brings you back to full conscious awareness.


What role do I play in my healing, or the change in my life?

Your Hypnotherapist facilitates the problem solving process, activating the healing positive changes necessary to improve your life and enable you to achieve your desired goals. We will, however, work together in collaboration.  It is important that you are open to and wanting a change in your life - your therapist will not be able to achieve this alone. 

Although you will remain relaxed throughout the process, it is all about teamwork!

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PR & Communications Advisor, Warwickshire

I really appreciated Caroline’s calmness and compassion and really felt that she went the extra mile to put me at ease and to help me make the changes I wanted. 


Within minutes I felt much calmer and clearer and I had a profound positive change in my perspective. I was able to let go of the emotions stemming from a situation that happened many years ago, but which was still affecting me. 


I have felt much calmer since my therapy session with Caroline and also more confident and comfortable within myself. I was not expecting such a fast positive result.

Thank You Caroline!

Senior Nurse, Queensland


I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline when she was on a trip to the Gold Coast, Australia.


At the time I was feeling stressed and in constant hip pain. Caroline suggested that a Hypnotherapy session would help.  I didn’t know much about it, hence I was fairly dubious at the beginning. However, after having the process explained to me, I happily continued. 


Caroline has the most soothing voice and a comforting presence about her. She made me feel relaxed and at ease almost straight away with her gentle nature and calming presence.

When the session ended, I felt refreshed and revitalised and the stress seemed to have melted away. The pain had also eased.  


The healing process Caroline practices is unique.  Unfortunately, she had to return to the UK, but I intend to keep up the sessions via Skype.

Thank you so much Caroline, you are one in a million!

Company Director,

I came to see Caroline for issues with my broken sleep.  This was leaving me feeling exhausted daily and also uncomfortable with the way I was looking. 


In our sessions, it became apparent that my sleep issues were due to external factors that I felt were out of my control.  Caroline helped me to become more accepting of these factors. Caroline is very caring and compassionate and leaves you feeling so calm, relaxed and confident.  I am now looking forward to a good night’s sleep!

Caroline has taught me relaxation techniques to use twice a day to help me cope better with day to day life and work.  Following the therapy sessions I feel lighter, less stressed and better able to cope with the many demands of running a business.


Just give me a call whenever the moment feels right.  I'm always prepared to chat through the positive changes you want to make in your life. Now is your ‘Time To Shine’!

Phone:  07879 440800


I look forward to meeting you at one of my three locations:




Alternatively, feel free to get in touch using the form below and I can call you at a time that suits you:

Thanks for getting in touch - I will be in contact shortly

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